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  • Thomas J. Cunnane, Inc.

    The smartest choice you can make before doing anything, is talk to Tom and his team at Cunnane Law.

    I implore any person facing criminal prosecution, to make the smartest decision possible and consult with Thomas Cunnane of Cunnane Law. Before doing anything else. Its a decision I promise, you will not regret. In a case of mistaken identity. I found myself charged with first degree robbery and second degree assault. Facing up to 10 years in prison for crimes I had not committed. The County Prosecutor had statements from three eye witnesses, placing me at the scene of the crime. And what looked like an open and shut case. After consulting with several lawyers. Frustrated doesn't begin to explain my sentiment. After being told again and again. Best outcome was, "A year and a day", plea bargain. On crimes I had not committed! Then by the grace of God. I met with Tom Cunnane and his Investigator Michael James. Tom listened to what I had to say and chose not only to believe me. But to represent me, with the only acceptable outcome being, dismissed due to mistaken identity. Not the best plea bargain with the shortest time. After five months from our first meeting. And the tremendous amount of footwork put in by investigator Michael James. Who's persevering investigatory abilities had all three eyewitnesses, rescind their statements. Tom stayed true to his word. Both robbery first degree and assault second degree charges dismissed due to mistaken identity. Again, I say to anybody who finds themselves facing criminal prosecution. The smartest choice you can make before doing anything. Is talk to Tom and his team at Cunnane Law. It's a decision I promise, you'll not regret!

  • Thomas J. Cunnane, Inc.


    Tom Cunnane has represented me several times, an I've been more then satisfied. I know he does everything he can to get the best ending result. And I thank him for that. I feel he has always had my best interest and always worked very hard to get the best result. Basically he works very hard and gets the job done! What more can you ask for! Thanks for everything Tom C.

  • Thomas J. Cunnane, Inc.

    Outstanding Help!

    Mr. Cunnane went out of his way to provide me with the appropriate form to file for my appeals case, as I'm representing myself. Not only did he provide this to me same day, but he gave thorough advise - I was not expecting anyone on Avvo to extend assistance like this, free of charge. I'm ecstatic and most appreciative! Great guy!

  • Thomas J. Cunnane, Inc.

    Thomas Cunnane will fight for you!

    Not only has Thomas Cunnane helped out my husband in a few criminal charges that resulted in only serving 1/2 the time originally thought, has also been available and willing to assist family friends with their legal issues. I have called him on several occasions since 2009 and not only has he answered question but he has always remembered our family too. We aren't just another case number to him. We are people with loved ones and he acknowledges that. My family and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for great representation.

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